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The best way to book us is to send an email to with the following details about your event:


What is the Day / Date & Time of your event?


Is this a corporate, community or special occasion?


What is the event occasion and / or theme? Who are you surprising? Will there be other performers at your event or are we the main attraction?


What type of venue have you secured or do you have in mind?


How many performers are you interested in? Are you interested in professials, volunteers or a combination? (For corporate events we only hire professional performers).


Do you have a song in mind and genre of dance? If a music flash mob please let us know if you are interested in singers, musicians or both and your choice of music.


Will you want our cast to wear corporate t-shirts, special dress or costuming? Will there be any props involved? Please describe.


Do you need help with auxiliary services such as photo, video or amplified sound?


Please let us know your vision for your flash / splash mob.


You are always welcome to call us but having an email with the details will help us in giving you an accurate estimate.



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